Ludwig Mauelshagen founded Mandolinen-Konzertgesellschaft Wuppertal in the year 1934. From the beginning emphasis was put on programs on a high musical level. In 1968 Prof. Hartmut Klug became their conductor and worked for very varied and interesting concerts with the orchestra. In 1991 he passed the conductorship over to Stefan Meier, who expanded their repertoire e.g. with his own compositions. From 1994 till 1997 Thomas Honickel was conductor of the orchestra. Afterwards Gudrun Hofmann was in charge for a short period before Detlef Tewes took over conductorship.



Concert programmes with great variety are characteristic of the orchestra: from the music of the ages of renaissance, baroque, classicism and romanticism to contemporary music. Besides free jazz concerts there have also been concerts for children, Christmas programs, and folklore from many countries. This is how Mandolinen-Konzertgesellschaft has gained a very good reputation not only in the local music scenery but also on a national and international range. Thus a lot of composers have even been inspired to produce new pieces, too.


“Deutscher Orchesterwettbewerb 2000” was a great opportunity for the orchestra to prove its qualities; so they won a first prize. In previous competitions they had been very successful, too. Concert tours have led the orchestra to countries like Israel, Tchechoslovakia, to Russia, Spain, France, and even Japan, also Baltikum, Finnland and Turkey.


It has been a tradition to support the musical training of young mandolin and guitar players. There is a close cooperation with Bergische Musikschule Wuppertal and Hochschule für Musik Köln, branch Wuppertal.


Music for plucked instruments, especially the mandolin and the guitar, has been developed very obviously and successfully to a high musical quality since 1950, and Mandolinen-Konzertgesellschaft Wuppertal has played an initiating role in this.